Von Schuhen

The human foot is a fantastic composition of 30 bones constructed to garantee the mobility of the owner. Man presented grounds as asphalt, marple, concrete as special hurdles to the foot. These grounds are the absolute terror for the human movement apparature. The ground we are walking on is normally not giving. Let us use the following picture: Each step is like the beat of a hammer on a nail placed on a stoneplate - the tip of the nail is getting flat and wrinkled. The body is reacting like the nail. Not just the foot but the whole organism up to the head is affected by the wrong shoes on teh wrong ground. Therefore every shoemaker should be obliged to make shoes which absorb the shock of each step and help to prevent the foot to be disfigured horizontally.
The common shoe harms the toe lengthwise and from the side. Especially the big toe is being forced away from its natural position. The toeankle has therefore not only to work as a single ankle but a bidimensional ankle which it is not meant for.
Through this the foot´s ankle is possibly getting ill. Eduard Meier was the first european company which installed a Peduskop in the Twenties. This apparature gave the ability to see the position of the foot in the shoe through x-ray tecnology.
In these days the idea grew for a whole range of shoes. These shoes are brandmarked by three tecnologies: 1. The shoes are goodyear-welted. Therefore they are constructed for the longest time use. Caused by their construction they give maximum support to the foot. Help the foot is needing. A layer of cork between the soles gives a absorption of uneven ground. The cork forms like the contures of the foot by the warmth and humidity of wearing. The threedimentional copy of the foot´s sole will be part of the shoe. The foot forms its own bed.
2. They are made over PEDUFORM®-lasts. This form is following the assymetric line of the foot. The natural line from heel to toe will be protected. The two length-arches and the cross-arch are supported. The flexibility of the foot is kept and supported. The muscles of the foot will be strenghend. The walking ankle of the foot is controlled and a wrong position of the foot is being avoided. PEDUFORM®®shoes are existing in 4 different width and sizes from 4 up to 15. Therefore women and men are able to wear the same styles. A very accurate fitting of the shoes is provided.
Especially educated sales persons have to analyse the size and width of the fitting shoe. The filling-analyses results in optima shoes and the results will be hardcopied in a JUSTOPED®-PEDUFORM®passport. This dated card allows mailorders of best fitting shoes and helps finding the right pair of shoes in the shortest possible time.
3. The absorption of the stepping-shock is farly provided by the use of CONFOSORB®-components. The shock given to the whole body with each step is nearly taken away by the heelpart components. This means that the components are not working like a elastic spring, but they transform the energy from a vertical direction to a horizontal direction. A special heel top peace gives secure standing and prevents slipping while walking. All these advantages were developed and tested firstly in our bespoken department and came into regular production carefully and after long testing. Nearly every component of our goodyear-welted shoes are the same as the ones we use for our made-to-measure-handcrafted-shoes. The first time in the nearly 400 years of EDUARD MEIER, Eduard-Meier-products are given to other stores to be presented there. A small number of highly qualified dealers are offering shoes which are providing all the advantages an Eduard-Meier-Goodyear-Customer is asking for.